Monday, January 12, 2009


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The setting sun at the Kampus inspires many moods; some alluring, some lazy, some philosophical, some enchanting, some nostalgic.

From the Faculty Block

On Calicut Beach

Downhill from Thinking Point

At the Guest House Hill junction

Short distance downhill from the main entrance.

That's you, IIMK, you beauty!

Peaceful as these photos might be, life at IIM Kozhikode begins only after sundown!

Photo credits: 1, 2: Jayesh Jagasia (PGP10); 3, 6: Saurabh Garg (PGP10); 4: Nitesh Solanki (PGP09), 5: Alok Priyadarshi (PGP09).

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sunrise is the time when the valley looks most spectacular, though not many are awake to see it on a regular basis. There are some, however, who set alarms to wake up and see it, then go to sleep again:

[All photos above by Priya, taken from her room/balcony.]

Over with the 2 years of gruelling fun followed by plum placements, class of 2006 will soon leave the campus; the convocation is shortly due. With little worry in life, they've been having a blast. The farewell party was held at the Taj:

Most of the second-years are currently off somewhere or the other, trying to put the last few tickmarks on the 'places to visit' list. One of the most exotic of these would certainly be Lakshadweep. Some of them returned recently from what was till recently a set of tiny dots on the map. Their tans were so deep that they looked as if baked in a kiln. They still can't stop raving about the exquisite turquoise color of the sea, and scuba-diving among all kinds of fish in the glistening coral reefs.

This site is not really about Lakshadweep though, so see here for more.

Class of 2007 dedicates this post to the Class of 2006.
Shine on you crazy diamonds.

[Lakshadweep Photo Credits, sequentially: 1, 2, 3: Saurabh; 4: Priya; 5: Vishy]

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


When the new students come to the campus every June as a new session starts, they are greeted by the monsoon. The rain and cloud makes the already scenic location especially breathtaking. The monsoon starts early in Kerala, and lasts a long time. It's a time of massive clouds, dappled light, torrential showers, and rainbows. There are two alternate paths to almost every place on campus, one covered, one open; so getting drenched is a matter of choice. Being dazzled by the beauty however, is beyond one's control. A very small sample of photos from those rainy days.

[Photo credits, sequentially: Ashish J (1, 2, 3), Priya (4, 7), Vishal (5,6,8)]

Monday, January 23, 2006

Trance Oceanic

A magnificent night, starry skies, cool breeze, hilltop amphitheatre surrounded by green lawns.
Arrays of psychedelic lights focused on the stage, towering speaker columns. A fit setting for what was to come.

Indian Ocean start performing, with songs like Khajuraho and Kya Maloom
interspersed with marathon instrumental interludes and jugalbandis

From left, Rahul Ram (Bass guitar), Amit Kilam (Usually drums, here flute), Susmit Sen (Lead Guitar). Asheem Chakravarty (Lead Vocals & Tabla) is not in this picture

Bhor, Bande, Hille le, they play all their classics. The crowd goes in rapture, following the beat with thundering claps, often drowning out the band itself by singing in unison. The band members are as enthused by the response. They conclude with Maa Rewa and Kandisa, and try to take their leave, but fanatic chants asking for an encore force them to return to stage and perform again.
In the end, an ecstatic audience pay homage.

It was barely half-an-hour past midnight however. The night was still young.
Kcor (Pronounced Core. Spelled the reverse of Rock), an upcoming band from Bangalore, took the stage.

The Oceanic Fusion sounds of less than an hour ago were replaced by thundering hard rock & heavy metal. Maiden, Korn, Nirvana and more were played, interspersed by some good (And no less loud) originals.

The headbangers had their fill (And next morning stiff necks)
Some people, however, just lay on the lush grass in front of the speaker columns, letting the music flow through their body while gazing at the stars.

P.S. Rahul Ram is a PhD in Environmental Toxicology from Cornell.
Just for reference, this event happened during Backwaters, the annual fest of K. Night of 22 Jan (going on till morning of 23rd).

P.P.S. Sorry, but the videos can't be posted without risking copyright infringement issues. As a small compensation, here's one of the best sunrise pics of IIMK, taken by Nishant Singh, class of 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Open the portals of your mind

and look beyond

Leave behind the life labored

and the life mundane

Let go

fly over the rooftops

through cloud and fog, over mountain and tree

be drenched in rain

and celebrate.


or day


or shine

Fill yourself with the colors of life

in God's own campus.

Find here your Dawn

and eternal Sunrise.

Welcome to IIM K.

[Photo credits: Debsankar (Cake-spattered Bala), Deepak (Vishal drying clothes), Gus de Vaumas [Exchange student] (Night campus shot), Narayanan (Foggy mountains; Campus buildings on green hill), Neha(First Look Beyond), Priya (Rainbow; Dawn; Sunrise), Vishal (rest)]